D2: Day Two… Check

Okay, so first things first. If you read yesterday’s post, I said I would find a picture from 2007 when I lost 40 lbs and was still out of Navy standards… here it is, from January to June of 2007.
Right, so it makes me frustrated, but it also reminds me that I can do it again… and lost another 15 lbs in the process.

Okay, so a little more about me:
So in February, I got sick (nothing major… just a brutal flu), left Japan for Arkansas to visit my folks, still too sick to run or workout, then hit Rhode Island for five weeks for training, then to Vegas for a bachelor party, then to Maryland to work on some wedding planning, with a flight down to Fort Lauderdale to pick up my soon-to-be (NOW!) wife’s personal belongings, then driving back to Annapolis, MD for the wedding, THEN we drove to New Jersey to drop off her car and I continued to Rhode Island… okay, so what is the point of all of this? We moved to Hawaii. I am living in friction’ paradise. After letting myself go during sickness and traveling, I moved to one of the most beautiful places on earth. It makes it much more motivating to get in shape. And it is never too cold to run. I am not flying helps here (boo!)… I am a staff weenie who doesn’t quite understand his job, yet.
So to take count: I married a ridiculously awesome woman, living a dream in paradise, and work sucks. Not too bad.
DSC 3412
Yesterday’s CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) was particularly brutal for me. Reps of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Sumo Deadlift High Pull and Push-Jerks at 95 lbs. While I am going to get kind of whiny, I felt like I was overheating. It took me 16 minutes and 16 seconds to complete, and probably should have gone a bit faster. I was taking frequent, LONG breaks. And I regret that. And I hate regretting things. So, in short, drink more water, work out harder.
Which brings us up to today. Jaime (a.k.a Awesome Wife) got up with me at 5:45 this morning. The key to this particular morning was setting up the iPhone in the bathroom with an alarm that would require me to actually leave the bed to turn it off. I am definitely not a morning person. The other trick was to immediately weight myself. Oh, and I weighed 222.8 lbs. If you are keeping track of this metric, that is a 1.2 lbs difference. So, WOOT! This reminds me: I shouldn’t weigh myself everyday (it is pretty much an addiction) because when that weight goes back up (which it probably will just due to water), it will be disappointing… and who needs that? So we ran 4 miles this morning in 42 minutes. We certainly didn’t break any land speed records, but it was an awesome start to the day.
One of the great things about working out first thing in the morning, besides the supposed fact you burn more calories throughout the day, is I tend to make better, smarter, healthier food choices for the rest of the day. Seriously, you don’t want to screw up that particular thing you woke up so early for, right?
The other fun part about sweating from the first minute you wake up? Once we were done, I weighed 221.0 lbs. I know, I know, it doesn’t count… but it is still fun to look at it. I told you it was an addiction.

So Day Two of blogging complete. Thanks for the support!


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