D3: And on the third day, he rested…

While I was dreading the CrossFit workout we were going to do when I got home from work this evening, I did my best to eat all Paleo and stuff. I was even proud of myself when I ended up at Subway (not really sure how THAT happened), and I ordered the salad. Until I asked for the Ranch dressing. Ooooo, how I love Ranch dressing. In retrospect, I should have asked for that on the side. Because the lady, as nice as she was, actually covered the entire top part of the salad with the creamy goodness. Bad Sandwich Artist, Bad! On a positive note, I was 222.2 lbs this morning. The last time I was that weight was right before I left Japan as seen in this picture, my last flight:409027 10150511312121191 1389403542 n:

I am waiting for the morning that it doesn’t go down, but I am pretty sure that will be tomorrow. I say that because when I got home, I was informed it was our rest day. And I wasn’t about to complain. However, my Nike Fuelband is NOT pleased with my lack of activity. 2092 out of 3000 fuel is not how I wanted to end the day. But we are setting the alarm in the bathroom again and will be running 3 miles first thing in the morning. Gotta love marathon training!


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