D4: So a man walks into a Friday

5:39 a.m.: The alarm on the iPhone goes off in the bathroom. It is playing The Beach Boys, Hawaii:
“Hawaiiii, Hawaiiii, do you wanna come along with me? *SMACK* (or actually tap)”

I continue to stumble into the bathroom. The key here is I turn the light on as soon as I reach the switch. Take THAT melatonin! I sit down to pee, much like a girl, throw my head into my hands and groan. I repeat my goal in my head, “On 19 Nov 2012, I weigh 185 lbs. F@$%. On 19 Nov 2012, I weigh 185 lbs. $h!#.” The goal has a definitive deadline, stated in the first person, and is positive (as opposed to “I will LOSE 40 lbs” which is apparently negative). These three things are supposed to program the subconscious. Its true. Look it up. I also try to write my goals 10 times first thing in the morning, somewhere in the middle of the day and right before I go to sleep. That needs a little work.
5:44 a.m.: I weigh myself. I KNEW that was stupid. 224.2 lbs. No physical activity yesterday and a salty dinner of Mongolian BBQ has led to some water retention. At least, that is what I suspect. I am no expert.

5:46 a.m.: I open the door to let the light wake Jaime up. She asks, “Why are up SO early?”
“To go for a run.”
“At 5:45?”
I think, “Yes, at 5:45. By the time we get out the door, run three miles, and get ready for work, 5:45 will be right time (by the way, it is).”
I actually reply with, “Uuunnnnhhhh.” I might try out for a zombie role.
DSC 2402
5:48 a.m.: Jaime gets out of bed. I lay back down in bed and stare at my iPhone. She saunters into the bathroom and closes the door. I bet she sits down like I did. Oh no. Now it is dark and quiet in the room. I suspect Mr. Sandman is sneaking back into the room.
6:00 a.m.: Jaime walks out of the bathroom completely dressed and ready to go. I am severely impressed… as well as not dressed. She saves my running bacon.

6:05 a.m.: We are out the door for a leisurely 3.0 mile run.

As I think about that last sentence, it is amazing what a difference perspective makes. When I had REALLY let myself go, I found running half a mile to be exhausting and challenging. Now three miles is pretty much the minimum I will run on any given day. That feels nice.
So today’s key points:
#1. Set the alarm away from the bed.
#2. As soon as you get out of bed, turn the light on. Don’t hesitate. Another good idea is to put a bright light on a timer.
#3. NEVER, EVER get back into the bed… even to wait on your running partner.


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