D7: Accountability

So I thought about it after wrting my brief post yesterday, it is extremely helpful to me to be accountable to, well, to everybody.  Jaime and I are in this together, and we occasionally slip and fall.  Together, we pick ourselves up, figure out what we did wrong so we don’t repeat our mistakes, and move on.  So I will do my best to not broadcast HER slips, just my own.  So I will begin keeping a food log on a new page with a daily tally of when and what I eat. It is not only about what I eat AND being honest about it, but also complete transparency in what I do every day to achieve my results.  Which means I will also be adding my work out log to the mix.  Not that anyone will find it interesting (not that anyone is reading these anyway), but it will be a public record that I (or anybody else) can go back over to see how I REALLY did.  It is important to me to point out that I am not going on any sort of crash diet.  However, marathon training plus four days of CrossFit every week may seem a little extreme to some.179081 125022400899116 1918623 n
So one reason I love CrossFit (and CrossFit 808… holla) is the accountability that comes along with it. There is always a coach watching to make sure that your form is proper to ensure a) you are doing the movement as efficiently as possible and b) making sure you are performing it as safely as possible. There is always your fellow athletes cheering you on. Some boxes more than others (I am looking at you Kanto Plain CrossFit). Ultimately, you are only accountable to yourself during these workouts. If I skip a rep here or do one less burpee over there, typically no one is counting. One of my and Jaime’s favorite saying is: “You are only cheating yourself.”
I realized after posting the link to this blog on Facebook, accountability is the whole point of this entire blog.
I have tried to make this journey alone. And even now that I am on this adventure with my best friend (a.k.a Awesome Wife), I realize I still need help from friends and family. I also realize that most of the folks in my life are more than willing to give it. I just have to ask. So I ask that you support Jaime and me as continue to make our life together more fit. 547509 10150877900883418 188902413 n


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