D8: CrossFat

I really, really, REALLY hate being THAT guy.  In this case, being that guy refers to being the fat dude amongst a whole bunch of not fat people (it does not refer to being the ridiculously drunk guy in a bar… thanks AFN).  Not only are they not fat, but they are some of the most fit people in Honolulu.  Fortunately, they are are some of the most awesome and nice people as well (www.808crossfit.com).


And this insecurity I have makes it tough to even go to the box most days. Heaven forbid I even find out what the WOD is any length of time before the 5:00 p.m. class, because that just adds to the stress. I originally wanted to call this blog “CROSSFAT,” but somebody took it. Apparently they are a squatter because they aren’t even using it. Jerks. But that is besides the point. Unfortunately, this same insecurity is what caused me to slip once I left Japan. I scheduled a workout with a box in Arkansas while I was visiting my folks, but I was too nervous to go. There was a box right outside the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island where I went to school for five weeks. Again, my poor self image held me hostage, and I just didn’t go. I saw a couple of guys in the local gym clearly WOD’ing, and I was too self conscious to approach them.
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Seriously, if this guy walked up to you and asked you to WOD, would you take him seriously? Probably not, because he is wearing a sailor outfit that probably fits an 8 year old girl… and he clearly likes to karaoke. But it is something I am beginning to push through. I totally want to make it to my goal of 185 just so the next time somebody takes a picture of me singing karaoke in a tiny sailor costume, I can be LESS ashamed of it.


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