D13: Breathing… its whats for breakfast.

Okay, another short and sweet one here:

Jaime and I just got back from a six mile run.  We used a foam roller and some Trigger Point to work out the kinks.  And during the run, a theme struck me over the past three days.  How important breathing really is during any type of exercise. 

Okay, before you hit the back button on your browser as you exclaim, “No kidding!  Stupid.  You have to breathe to live.”

As my workout got more intense on Friday, I started very consciously breathing out during the push press.  Maybe somebody can give me a tip on whether this was the right time to be exhaling… maybe I should have been exhaling on the way down. Regardless, it shifted my focus away from my tired muscles and felt like it gave me some renewed energy to push through some more reps.  I forgot about it after the WOD, but it came up during yesterday’s surf lesson.  The instructor, Kimo, said that big guys like me (thanks for calling it how you see it, Kimo) use more oxygen when paddling, so I should be consciously exhaling every time I am paddling.  Slow and forceful.  So once again, to take my mind off the fact that my arms felt like they were about to fall off, I was continuously exhaling.  This also had the added benefit of keeping the salt water out of my mouth… most of the time.  Which then leads me up to tonight’s run.  We actually breezed through the first three miles without really feeling it.  It may have been the lopsided sidewalk we ended up running on, but I found myself concentrating on my breathing again.  And I thought to myself, “Self, this is something you should write about… maybe not for anyone else, but maybe so you stop forgetting to breathe.”

So there you go.  A short post for an even shorter Sunday.  I leave you with the following picture:  Don’t be fat, Clay… don’t be fat.

Alcohol and red bow ties make my double chin look HUGE!


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