2D1: Choice

It is funny that about nine days ago, I  came up with this particular topic: “Choice.”  One reason it is funny is because I was tired the night I started writing about it and then chose go to bed.  Another reason is because it began this particular nine day stint of not writing.  Not only did I not write, but I did not eat well… I did not work out…. I did nothing to set a good example for anyone.  Another post I want to write about is “Routine… and or habit.”  Because I totally derailed from the awesome routine I was on.  I will save that for another post.

How often have you considered outlawing fast food?  You probably labeled it the “McDonald’s Bill.”  If these folks weren’t selling this crap… and by crap, I am referring to the awesome french dies at the previously mentioned McDonalds (and by the way, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers fries are ten times better), if they weren’t selling this crap, I wouldn’t have to eat it.  Or a Wendy’s Frosty.  Or take for example the ban on the size of sodas in New York aiming to reduce the amount of the sugary crap people drink.  This ban or even the ridiculous notion of outlawing fast food takes away one critical thing that everyone needs to make a real, positive change in your life.


Choice is key because it is in your control to change bad habits into good habits.  Bad food choices into good food choices.  You have to own it.  If a positive lifestyle is forced upon you, and it is not your choice or what you want, eventually you will slip back into old, damaging patterns.  And once you make the choice to change, you have to be committed to it.  Otherwise something as simple as  friends showing up for a week long visit or a party that you have been invited to or any other number of “special” occasions that seem to happen at least once or twice a month.  If you aren’t committed to your choice of changing, your choices will reflect this.  For instance, I love to use these instances to rationalize my decision…otherwise known as my poor choice.  “Ooooh, it’s Gabe’s birthday… it only happens once a year.  We need to celebrate.  With cake… and beer.”

This all comes full circle.  Our friends Leah and Angelo, on a whirlwind tour from Japan to Australia to New Zealand to Colorado to Hawaii to Korea, stopped into see us.  I took leave to spend as much time with them as I could.  I made a conscious choice to not making it to CrossFit workouts.  I made a conscious choice to drink beer.  To eat crappy foods.  I made a conscious decision to not take the time to write in the blog.  Those aren’t the right choices for the change I have committed to.  After breaking a string of good, healthy decisions, it was hard to make the next right decision:  to start right back up once they left.  I would like to think in the future, I will make wiser, smarter decisions on these special occasions.  Jaime and I ate healthy meals today.  Did a brutal CrossFit workout today.  Baby steps.  One foot in front of the other.

It is important to remember that every step of this journey requires a choice.

P.S.-Alexis/Thor… send me your addresses, and I will send your prizes for calling me out on my…umm…extended break.


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