Another topic I had considered writing about until the arrival of our guests (awesome guests, by the way) was ROUTINE.  On one hand, routine in the early days of making healthy choices helps us stay on that path.  On the other hand, if that routine gets interrupted in the early days, it becomes easy to get derailed.  Things like parasailing:

Jaime and Clay parasailing off Honolulu.

Or SCUBA diving:

Diving Electric Beach

All of these fun activities take up time and change up your normal routine from the standard day t0 day basis.  Initially the routine is  a necessary evil.  It is a crutch that some of us must use to get up and running.  I have heard many folks talk about how after a month, they had worked out enough, gone through enough of their routine, that they didn’t need it anymore.  They just felt guilty if they didn’t work out.  So, the question becomes, did I feel guilty the past two weeks when I wasn’t really making an effort to work out?  When I was eating like crap and drinking beer like it was the water I needed to stay hydrated?

The answer is: yes.  It is the reason Jaime and I are back on track with our eating, running, and CrossFit WOD’ing.  It is the reason you are reading this right now.  It is the reason I am setting up a box to WOD at in Augusta, GA when I head there at the end of the month for training.  I wasn’t guilty enough to stop eating crap, drinking, and being lazy (not THAT lazy… I was exhausted from all of the fun we had).  And that is where rationalization comes into play.  Probably my worst enemy.  “Its okay.  When the week is over, I will get back to working out.”  The frustrating piece of rationalization is that I took some step backwards that I clearly did not need to make.

But getting back into the routine of writing this blog, getting up early, running in the morning… maybe it isn’t a routine after all.  Maybe I am finally creating the mindset that I need to make a lasting change.  And maybe I can overcome my rationalizations.

Maybe rationalization will be a fitting, upcoming post.


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