Work in progress…

So… I am working on my Paleo Zone post.  It is coming along nicely, but I don’t want to publish it until I have gotten all of my thoughts straight, acknowledged the right folks, and made it a nice one stop shop for those looking for the brighter side of nutrition.

Yesterday, I clearly did not post.  The two-a-day workouts,  I thought, were taking their toll.  I was tired.  Plum tuckered out.  It vaguely reminded me of the first time Jaime and I cut carbs out of our diet.  I was tired and mopey.  Jaime would slap me around and try to get me off of the couch.  I would flail about, arms like a wacky wild inflatable tube man, moaning about how tired I was.  And all I wanted was a cracker.  Or a piece of bread.  Or a pan of lasagna.  It lasted about two and a half days, and I am extremely lucky Jaime is still with me (don’t tell her, but she was also kind of grumpy during those two and a half days).

So I started Zoning the Paleo on Tuesday, right?   Right.  Tuesday I was tired, but still functioning.  Nowhere near the level of mopeyness as our first low carb adventure.  Yesterday, while I still had energy, I just did NOT feel like moving.  It could have been the four mile run in the morning.  It could have been the Command PT at lunch (who are we kidding, it was definitely not that… lame).  I realize now that it was more than likely my body adjusting to its optimal fuel proportions.  I was a little grumpy and groggy this morning, but by the time 2 p.m. rolled around, it felt like I was waking up from winter hibernation.  Which is funny, because I have been in Hawaii for almost four months.  P-shaw… winter.  As Jaime can attest to when she came home this evening, I was certainly not lazy.  Meals were cooked for a few days, the kitchen was clean, and the laundry was done.  I am starting to get fired up and excited about this Zone thing.

While I was cleaning the kitchen, I decided to download an audio book.  I wanted to read the Zone again, but I was cleaning.  So I couldn’t.  So iTunes actually has the audio book for a not ridiculous price.  Only 10.99.  And it was awesome to listen to.  I highly recommend it.  It is less than two hours and chock full of interesting, scientific not-being-fat goodness.  Conversely, the other book I want to read/listen to was 29.99.  Good Calories, Bad Calories.  I guess I will just read that one.

Clearly, I am excited about how I feel.  When I started the week, I was at 226 lbs (Monday).  This morning (Thursday), I was 221.2 lbs.  Gotta love two-a-days and some Paleo Zone.  But right.  I don’t care about the scale.

Two quick shout outs (I hate that term): Jaime for waking us up on Monday and motivating us to get out of bed.  And the petty officer first class who ran Command PT this afternoon:  it didn’t waste my time… and I was super grateful for that.


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