So as Jaime and I reach our respective Nike Fuel goal for some special day (… we are assuming because of the last day of the Olympics… it dawned on me that I had never really touched on what an enormous and important role she plays in my life.  I could probably list a thousand different ways off the top of my head, but this is supposed to be about me getting back into shape when in reality, it is US getting back into shape.

Jaime and I (dressed up as Hello Kitty) for a base event in Japan.

On days when I am not feeling motivated to move, she is there to help.  And I am here to help her when she is not motivated.

When I am tempted to eat crap, she is there to help me make better decisions… because she cares.  And I chastise her right back.  And sometimes we just give into each other and eat crap.  But most days, we are constructively supportive.

When we are at CrossFit together, I can always feel her watching me.  And I never want to let her down by not doing my best or hitting every rep.  Sometimes she even cheers for me.  And I cheer for her, when she lets me.

As we run together, inevitably one of us does not feel like it is the best idea at the time.  And every time, we pull one another through.  And at the end, we are always grateful to one another.

And when we’ve been hitting everything hard, and the best thing either one of us can do is just take the day and relax, she encourages me to do so… and takes care of me.

What is my point?  Everybody needs a teammate.  A partner to help keep them on their toes.  Somebody to watch their back when they have the potential to be their own worst enemy.  Plenty of times in my life, it has just been a friend.  But now it is my best friend that gets me through these days.  Jaime is my gift from God (and I am not a religious man), and I am thankful for her every day.

The love of my life! Thank you for everything you do for me!



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