Fitness Prize Winner!

So the announcement winner of the Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale has been a little overdue. *Go ahead and imagine a drum roll in your head*  And the winner is:

Kelsey Balch!

Her idea trying out a new fitness class is a fun way to get out, get active, and find something new that you might like.  Thanks for the great comment, and the scale is on its way!

And the other piece that I had promised a few weeks ago… pictures of the travesty that is the shaved front of me.  The pictures on the left are 20 Jun at 232 lbs and the pictures on the right are 1 September at 217.6 lbs.  The change is coming slowly but surely.

Looking like a shaved polar bear…

Side view: Not too different from the last comparison… just hairless

Short and sweet tonight.  Thanks for checking out the blog!


6 comments on “Fitness Prize Winner!

  1. LOL when I first saw this I was literally thinking “How come when guys lose weight they always lose their chest hair too?” 🙂 Well done sir, looks like you’ve made awesome progress!

    • Thanks, Colin! To be fair, when I went to trim my chest, I was using a guard on the trimmer. It didn’t seem to be working right, so I took the guard off… and suddenly had a significant bald trail across my belly. Kind of like when the barber gives you the stripe down the middle of your head. Only one thing to do… take it all off! Doh! Thanks again!

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