89th Day Update

So I started this blog on 11 July (well, I ACTUALLY started it sometime in 2011, but I REALLY started writing on 11 July), and it has been 89 days since I began my fitness journey.  I started with a clear goal in mind and an end date for when my fitness adventure would come to an end.  And while I still have my goals in sight and in mind, they are no longer the end of the road.  They are just sign posts along the way.  Mile markers on the highway of my fitness life.  When I get to 185 lbs, I won’t suddenly stop eating Paleo.  I am not going to give up on CrossFit.  My adventure continues and my new goals become inspiring, helping, and motivating others.

So where am I right now?  Take a look:

108 days of change: 29 June to 8 October

108 Days of Change from the Side: 20 June to 8 October

This morning, I weighed 211.6 lbs.  My waist was under 38 inches (37.9 inches to be accurate).  That means I am within limits for the Physical Fitness Assessment.  Woot!  The beginning numbers were 232 lbs and 42.5 inches for your comparison.

To add some cherries on top, Jaime and I ran 12 miles this past Sunday.  I try not to think about it, because that number just seems ridiculous.  We even signed up for a half marathon next weekend (it’s nice really, because now we don’t have to map out a run).

A lot of folks have sent personal messages letting me know that I have motivated them in one way or another.  And these messages mean the world to me.  It is one reason I have kept on trucking.  I will keep posting my progress and thoughts if you guys will keep letting me know how YOU are doing.  Either in comments (click on that little speech bubble at the top of the post) or e-mails to madclay@me.com.  Thanks again for everyone’s support!



D8: CrossFat

I really, really, REALLY hate being THAT guy.  In this case, being that guy refers to being the fat dude amongst a whole bunch of not fat people (it does not refer to being the ridiculously drunk guy in a bar… thanks AFN).  Not only are they not fat, but they are some of the most fit people in Honolulu.  Fortunately, they are are some of the most awesome and nice people as well (www.808crossfit.com).


And this insecurity I have makes it tough to even go to the box most days. Heaven forbid I even find out what the WOD is any length of time before the 5:00 p.m. class, because that just adds to the stress. I originally wanted to call this blog “CROSSFAT,” but somebody took it. Apparently they are a squatter because they aren’t even using it. Jerks. But that is besides the point. Unfortunately, this same insecurity is what caused me to slip once I left Japan. I scheduled a workout with a box in Arkansas while I was visiting my folks, but I was too nervous to go. There was a box right outside the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island where I went to school for five weeks. Again, my poor self image held me hostage, and I just didn’t go. I saw a couple of guys in the local gym clearly WOD’ing, and I was too self conscious to approach them.
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Seriously, if this guy walked up to you and asked you to WOD, would you take him seriously? Probably not, because he is wearing a sailor outfit that probably fits an 8 year old girl… and he clearly likes to karaoke. But it is something I am beginning to push through. I totally want to make it to my goal of 185 just so the next time somebody takes a picture of me singing karaoke in a tiny sailor costume, I can be LESS ashamed of it.